Straw Hats To Pack For Your Next Beach Vacation

2023-02-19 01:40:33 By : Mr. David Han

Looking for some great straw hats to pack with you on your next beach vacation? Travel Noire’s got you covered!

While things come and go in the fashion world, one thing that will stay forever is a good straw hat on the beach. It’s an accessory that’s a must during your beach vacation. Crochet Natural Straw Sun Hat Woman Beach Travelling

Straw Hats To Pack For Your Next Beach Vacation

Aside from a stylish look, they’re great for sun protection while you’re relaxing or taking a stroll along the shoreline.

A good straw hat is versatile and makes a statement. Here are the best straw hats to pack for your next beach vacation.

We all love a good breeze at the beach until it knocks our hat off. While the Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat is a stylish hat you can show off with on vacation, it’s also windproof. It has a detachable chin strap to keep it from blowing off your head on windy days.

This hat also comes with some protection from the sun as the brim offers UPF 50+ sun protection, making this one of our favorite straw hats.

If you need a hat that’s easy to pack by rolling it up or folding it, then consider Lanzom’s wide-brim straw Panama Fedora. You can easily carry it inside your handbag or beach tote without taking up too much space.

This is another beach hat option if you’re worried about the wind. It’s designed with adjustable straps for a customizable fit.

A visor is perfect for those not interested in something that goes around your entire head, yet still want protection from the sun. It’s also a great option for those big hair and curly hair in a pineapple days.

The Furtalk sun visor is made with 100 percent natural paper straw and designed with a sweatband inside to give you a soft and comfortable feeling.

There’s an adjustable Velcro band to secure the hat better. The brim is wide enough to shade your neck while letting your tresses roam free.

For all of our male readers, this hat is specifically for you. The Quiksilver’s pier side hat is made from woven straw, designed with a wide brim, lined headband, and adjustable chin strap. It’s a classic lifeguard hat perfect for beach days or outdoor adventures on the water.

Let’s just say this hat gives pure zaddy vibes, if that’s what you’re going for.

Please note that even though it’s considered a “lifeguard” hat, it should not be submerged in water to keep the integrity of the hat crown.

Cheers to a unisex boater hat that’s both stylish and practical. Lazom’s wide-brim raffia straw boater hat is not only comfortable, but also can be used for casual days when you’re walking on the beach. While the straw boater hat has long been regarded a hat for men, more women are wearing this distinguished style.

The straw boater hat was introduced in the late 19th Century and became popular in the early 20th Century as a semi-formal outdoor hat for men. When the hat was spotted, it typically marked the first day of summer.

This hat is another option for those looking for a foldable and easy hat to carry. It also comes in various colors, including Black, if you prefer a dressier look.

When it comes to the beach, the bigger the hat, the better. In the case of the oversized beach straw hat, it’s a timeless accessory for women that gives both sexy and unbothered vibes.

Straw Hats To Pack For Your Next Beach Vacation

Straw Boater Hat A hat this size offers optimal protection from the sun, and it can make anything you wear to the beach look elegant. Pair it with a swim suit, sunglasses, or a long beach dress, and get the camera ready, so you can strike a pose with this staple.