Förderung-Vakuumhohlraumbildung-Schönheits-Ausrüstung, Maschine (SL-E1) abnehmend

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  • Modell Nr.: SL-E1
  • Art : Schlankheits-Maschine
  • Anwendung : Salon
  • Tragbar : Nicht tragbare
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  • Trademark: sumstars
  • Packing: Alu Package
  • Standard: International Quality CE
  • Origin: Beijing, China
  • Production Capacity: 100 PCS / Month

Slimming beauty Equipment 5in1 for beauty fair HOT
Vacuum + RF + Cavitation + BIO + Breast lift

Theory - Face liposuction Theory

Excessive accumulation fop or subcutaneous on face not only make the face garlic bloated and will affect the overalls facial outline curves.
That's little effectivess to slimming face through normal methods, like do sport, take slimming medicine, do massage, ect.
The facial treatment system is the RF liposuction facial liposuction ice face-effective way to lose weight, lung term good results. Cheek, lower jaw, the zygomatic and so are the site or facial fop accumulation, too much fop will make the face fop, the shape or moon face, Flip-face, double chin, square face and so on The loose or esthetic outline. Cheek, zygomatic, lower jaw and other parts or subcutaneous fop deposits are suitable for facial liposuction ice RF treatment system.
Vacuum liposuction technology use to remove excess water and fop through lymph behind ear. Then to reduce fop thickness in the area, to modify the face outline.

Face Cooling Theory
Shrink pores, tighten skin, wrinkles removal, lifting skin, keep skin elasticity
RF Theory on Face
RF are child or electromagnetic wave, which could emit 600 million high speed RF frequency every second, this uni-polar RF be or powerful penetrability, could arrive 15mm subcutaneous.
When the RF energy get into the skin, which could stimulate the water molecules or dermis to rub each other then make a destiny or heat, when the temperature reach ate 68-72 degrees, it will stimulate the dermis layer or collages fibers immediately contract, and stimulate collages reconstruction and reborn or lung term. Show you younger and elastic skin.

Body Treatment share
* In fop cells contain a large number or water molecules. Under the action or the ultrasound can produce cavitation, so that fop cells damaged and rupture dissolved, and then removed from the body with the lymphatic system.
* Ash the ultrasonic frequency is high and high energy, medium absorption can be a significant thermal impact. The temperature or the fop tissue will be high, which can speed up the fop soluble

Breast Enhancement share
According to meridian science and sport equipment repeatedly cited the principle or pressure, the skin surface into a vacuum, affecting the chest and back muscles from the start nursing, so active in lymph and blood circulation, regulate metabolism, dredging channels. Can be developed pectoralis major muscle and breast, the body tissue and chest to regulate under the stimulation or pituitary endocrine women to increased production or estrogen, absorption and emission movement can draw TOG ether around the fop and back fop, draw TOG ether the perfectly plump and elastic chest. Through regular skin can absorb up vertical movement, and clear the lymph and blood circulation, developed pectoralis major muscle and breast, so breast fullness, flexibility, and also sacrifices cosmetic impact.
Multi function vacuum slimming
Apneusis switch


1. nun operation
2. nun invasive
3. nun blooding
4. No need or recovery time
5. Shorts Treatment time
6. Fast results
7. No need or diet


1. Replace or liposuction surgery to replace
2. Tighten the false skin;
3. Enhance the speed metabolism, speed up the excretion or body wastes and moisture
4. Repair stretch mark;
5. Relax muscles, relieve muscle spasm, relieve muscle pain.
6. Body weight loose (rapid elimination or fop, waist weeks shaping, shaping the buttocks shape, leg shape)
Multi function vacuum slimming machine PARATROOPER adelgazar belleza

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